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Fostering is a wonderful way to help animals and can be a very rewarding experience

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Welcome to
Colonial Capital
Humane Society

Fostering is a wonderful way to help animals and can be a very rewarding experience.
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Adoption Policies

For our complete adoption policies, guidelines, and fee schedule, please click here.

    If the pet is still available when we receive your application and your application is a good match, we may contact you for a home visit, which is a requirement before an application is approved.

    We may ask you to consider another pet instead, either because we have several good homes for the same pet or because we believe another pet is better suited to your family.

    We may decide to take more applications before placing the pet for adoption. Some pets have special needs, and it is in their best interest to wait for a perfect placement.

    We may decline your application, either due to your pet history or your current circumstances for care and keeping of a pet. While saying 'no' is hard, sometimes it is in everyone's best interest. You may wish to reapply if your circumstances change.

    You may change your mind or decide that none of our current pets are right for you. Withdrawing your application does not affect your ability to adopt from us later.

Please read this important disclaimer.

    Some of the pets listed on this webpage are not in the CCHS adoption program and have not been evaluated in a foster home by CCHS. CCHS is not responsible for any of the actions of any of the animals or humans listed as courtesy postings on this page. CCHS makes no claims whatsoever in regards to the accuracy of any of the information displayed in courtesy postings. This includes information on a dog's temperament, medical issues, and behavior characteristics.

    If you adopt a dog listed as a courtesy posting on this page, please be advised that if the adoption does not work out, you will not be able to "return" the dog to CCHS.

    CCHS does not request or receive any remuneration in return for listing courtesy postings on this page; it is provided as a courtesy only, and is a sincere effort to find more loving homes for pets in need. 

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